The origin of collecting. Why should I certify my numismatics items?

On this blog will talk a lot about numismatics collections, coins and banknotes facts, experts…. But do you know what the origin of this activity was? Or what to do to make the most of you pieces and keeping them safe?

The origin of collecting it is thought to be linked to the appearance of writing and its use to keep knowledge. As we all know to have knowledge is to have power and that was exactly the purpose of collecting writings by our most remote ancestors: to gather knowledge. If we think about it in a conquest time context we realize how precious would be to have information about foreign languages, customs, habits and religions. 

It will be during the XVI century when collecting will include, apart from books, other types of objects, beautiful, rare or extraordinary… interesting for their value more than their usefulness (like writing in the past). Of course this activity was reserved by then for high society, royalty and the church. The origins of collecting objects is linked to human social nature, circulating among societies as a personal good, a treasure,  war spoils or cultural heritage. 

Today, many of the relics we can find in modern art museums come from private collections, either donated at some point of the history or bought in times of the aristocratic decline.
Nowadays collecting is, in its wider view, for everyone. Although collecting industry is as well a job and moves hugh amounts of money around the world, the object to be collected don’t have to be necessarily valuable. Collecting activity has redefined spontaneously as a hobby everyone can enjoy.

The list of possible collections is as long as people willing to make them. There are two big groups of collector inside the collecting universe: the more active ones (people that dedicate time and resources to research, buy and organize new pieces) and the more passive ones (those that have a collection because of an inheritance, a present… and do not get so involved in increasing it). 

Said that, there are classic collections such watches, coins, stamps, minerals, art… and others of all kind of stuff: beer bottles, badges, miniatures of all kinds, stickers, shoes… Anything really can be collected! And that’s the fun and beauty of this world. 

The importance of certifying your collection
At NCV Grading we feel passion about coins and banknotes and we would like to help those who share our hobby enthusiasm or may be thinking of starting to collect coins or banknotes. 

Collecting has with no doubt at all an economic relevance moving large amounts of money around the world. Apart of being present in the most traditional markets such antiquities, flea markets, auctions… the industry is changing and adapting to new generations, new technologies and, of course, the Internet. 

As in any other market, the use of Internet in numismatics trades has his pros and cons. Finding and selling items in the other side of the world never was so easy, but forgery and fraud are much more likeable than face to face transactions. 

Here is where certified collections offer the biggest warranty and maximum security in remote transactions. Whether you want to buy or sell articles, you will be interested in discovering some of the benefits of certify items: 

  • A collectible, banknote or coin certified, graduate and encapsulated has the objective criteria of a specialized company based on the analysis of its conservation. It is not anymore about the personal opinion of the seller or buyer, but the verdict of an impartial group of professionals. 
  • The Sheldom scale is the one used to classify them and it is recognized worldwide. That means that a good rate is attractive wherever you go. 
  • Minimize the risk of receiving a defective piece bought online. 
  • Guarantees the good condition of the banknote or coin, protected in an incorruptible cover. 
  • It is registered in the databases with a unique code makes last- minute changes very difficult and guarantees originality. 


In other words, if you BUY CERTIFICATE, you can trust the opinion and guarantee of authenticity of an impartial professional.

If you SELL CERTIFIED, you now that your item won’t be devaluated and will be delivered in perfect conditions without surprises. 


If you have it all clear, contact us. We are happy to help!