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Collecting goes beyond collecting objects; it is a journey that leads to the revaluation of history and cultural heritage. Each acquired piece not only gains material value, but also becomes a tangible fragment of the human narrative, leaving a legacy for future generations.

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For passionate collectors of coins, tokens, medals and banknotes, NCV provides a meticulous and objective assessment of authenticity and value. This guarantee not only offers security to buyers and sellers, but also ensures a reliable and worry-free collecting experience.

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We give you the shipping costs and the possibility to insure your collectibles.


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The Gold Sovereign Coin

Embark on a journey through time as we unravel the rich history of the British Sovereign coin, a symbol of power and prestige. Discover how this timeless treasure has weathered the storms of centuries, and why it continues to captivate collectors and investors alike. Get ready to delve into the fascinating world of the Sovereign coin, where every piece tells a story.

The Piece of Eight (Spanish dollar)

Discover the most coveted coin of the Spanish Empire by collectors worldwide. The Catholic monarchy minted the famous silver coin worth eight reales after the monetary reform in 1497, and the Spanish dollar eventually became the international currency par excellence.

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