About NCV Grading

Commitment and impartiality 

NCV Grading was born to provide a safe, impartial, quality grading service within the numismatic field. We aim to minimize malpraxis and doubts in the conservation state surrounding the world of banknotes and coins collecting, grading, protecting, and certifying each collectible objectively.

We want to ensure the safety of all collectors, whether experienced or new to this beautiful hobby.

The NCV Grading team comprises professional experts and specialists who, using the latest technology, work daily to provide the service we would like to receive. We are committed to providing our clients with a precise, objective, and trustworthy service. We value integrity and strive to maintain it in all aspects of our work, values without which it would be impossible to understand this profession. 

NCV Grading offers you proximity, professionalism, and facilities to make your coin collection a safe asset that will be revalued thanks to the NCV Grading certificate.

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