Today we want to use this space to tell you more about us. What are NCV Grading’s origins? Who is behind this project? What technology do we use? What is our goal?

NCV Grading started to get in shape during the first term of 2022. It was a few months ago when we officially started but, as every business, it was long ago the idea was inside Josep Egea’s head, our CEO. NCV Grading is the result of Josep’s deep studies, research and hard work. He is a collector himself since more than 25
years and his passion for numismatics is inherited.

The further Josep got into this world, the more he realized the lack of support that
collectors have in Spain and Europe. The creation of a quality, impartial service
in a short distance was urgent as sending collection pieces thousands of
kilometers away to get them graduated and encapsulated was risky, expensive and
tedious. It was necessary to give proximity and confidence to that service not
only in Spain, but in Europe.  After years of investigation and study, he finally decided to fill that gap himself.

Today, surrounded by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, NCV Grading is a reality celebrated by many. Only in a few months we count with the support of important Spanish numismatics shops, pieces with our signature are about to get released in prestigious auction houses, and European dealers are already showing
interest in our services. Just during the first three months we have received in our labs over 600 pieces to certificate.These achievements, among others, in such a short period of time only reassert us in our mission.

Quality and security are our guaranties

Our service is endorsed by high quality and security controls. Veteran collectors that came to us with curiosity are already some of our most loyal clients.

These are some of our quality security measures:

  • Inviolable capsules sealed with high technology: perfectly tested, our capsules are sealed using high frequency and ultrasound
    that make it impossible to be opened without breaking them.
  • Certificate alphanumeric number: unique code for coins and banknotes generated automatically by our informatics program. This code can be checked on our website by the client at anytime.
  •  Watermark: coin’s label has a watermark.
  • Invisible ink: used in banknote certification and only seen under ultraviolet light. 


  • Security thread and die-cut label: Also employed in banknotes labels. Although it can be seen with the naked eyed, it is better under ultraviolet light. Banknotes labels are die-cut which add an extra point in personality.

  • Security ink:  used in the NCV Grading logo’s letters of banknotes certifications. Depending on light angle we will appreciate a different color (just like in Euro’s banknotes).

Our offices and labs are in Valencia (Spain). We provide proximity to all this last generation technology to deal with any kind of request and help you with the process.  In addition, we commit to short delivery times of about 4 weeks.

This is only the beginning of a big project. If you want to try the quality of our services don’t hesitate and keep in touch. We are looking forward to meeting you and taking good care of your collection.