Coins grading

Coins grading process

Professionalism in our protocol is basic for us. When submission of coins is received to certificate, the first we do is check the package against the submission paperwork to be certain that all the collectibles the client descript are in our facilities. Then we photograph in every coin we have received. 

We now verify the authenticity. In a first exam we assign the conservation and, after a second analysis, we finally graduate the coin. NCV will only grade original banknotes and coins with a pick or km, except on rare occasions in which a replica or a document of value without a pick has a special attraction for the collector and requests it.

At this point, we encapsulate the collectible using last generation materials and technology, guaranteeing protection and conservation. All the grading details will be specified in a label we create. 

Once sealed and encapsulated the coin, we check it all again. At this moment we add the characteristics, photographs and relevant information to the NCV grading registration database.

Finally, after all these quality controls, encapsulated coins are carefully prepared to return to the client.

NCV Grading coins scale

The strict analysis of every coin and our scale based in the internationally recognized Sheldom scale, allow us to work with the maximum warranty and accuracy. We analyze not only conservation but mint quality and original lustre. 

 NCV Grading reserves the right to refuse submitted coins for the following reasons: 

  • Manipulation

  • Incidences 

  • Alterations

When an incidence is detected in a coin, it will be designed with an ‘I’ on its label and it may or may not be graded depending on the case. 


  • MS 70. Uncirculated premium
    The excellence grade. There is no incidence and couldn’t be in a better condition. Coins with a grade 70 will have no circulation signs, marks or scratches. They will have a minimum of 90% of their original lustre. This grade is quite exceptional as imply perfection. Having a 70 is like having a jewel.

  • MS 69. Uncirculated premium
    No more than two or three minor incidences of very low intensity and only seen with a loupe. Original lustre almost complete, at least 85% . Close to perfection. Could have tiny scratches or marks almost unappreciable. Exceptional visual attraction and mint.

  • MS 68. Uncirculated plus
    May have tiny incidences (maximum 6), hardly seen by eye. Not relevant incidences. Very attractive and showy. Sharp angles and mint over average. Lustre complete, at least 85% of it is original. 

  • MS 67. Uncirculated plus
    Could have a few minor incidences, tiny scratches detected by loupe. No more than 8 and of a very low impact. Very show. Sharp angles and excellent mint. At least 80% original lustre. Its visual attractive is over the average. 

  • MS 66. Uncirculated plus
    Excellent mint, quality lustre of 70% and sharp angles. A few tiny scratches only seen by loupe. Very attractive and showy.

  • MS 65. Uncirculated plus
    Could have light scratches and marks, low impact and no more than 10. Not seen by eye. High quality lustre and 60% original. Mint quality is over de average. Sharp angles. 

  • MS 64. Choice Uncirculated
    At least 50% original lustre. Could have marks or scratches of no high impact. Visually attractive. Sharp profiles  

  • MS 63.Choice Uncirculated

No circulated coins with subtle incidences that make them lose higher grades. They could have small scratches or light marks. Visually very attractive. Lustre can be muted.


  • MS 62. Uncirculated

This coin hasn’t circulated. There are some incidences in the rim or relief that set it on this level. No hits or scratches of relevance but could have minor incidences. Lustre could be muted.


  • MS 61. Uncirculated

Uncirculated coin with some incidences that set it on this grade. Could have tiny marks in the rim, field or legend or tiny scratches. No worn observed and keep, although poor, its original lustre


  • MS 60: Uncirculated

No signs of worn, with small damage in the rim or tiny scratches. Incidences make it to be in this level. Lustre may be poor.


  • AU 58. Choice About Unc
    Showy coin. In this level because may have incidences or be slightly worn in the high part. To the eye could be in a higher grade but the professional analysis shows evidences to graduate here without losing attractiveness. Nice original lustre, but poor. Extraordinary clearness in the details. Excellent conservation. May have some angles sharp.

  • AU 55. About Uncirculated

Very light wear in the superior part of the relief. Excellent clearness on the details. Incidences that don’t make it lose attractiveness. Keep original lustre and an excellent mint. Don’t show heavy incidences that would make it grade lower.


  • AU 53. About Uncirculated

  • Coin with light wear in several parts and/or incidences. Tiny scratches, low intensity hits or tiny marks could be present. Very good conservation and clearness in the details. It keeps 50% original lustre. Showy.

  • AU 50. About Uncirculated:

  • Coin with light wear in several parts and/or incidences a bit heavier than in superior grades. Tiny scratches, low intensity hits or tiny marks. Its attractiveness is intact and has a very good conservation. Keeps at least 50% of its original lustre. Showy and with good details definition.

  • XF45. Choice Extremely Fine

Coin worn in the higher parts of the relief. Sometimes it has an attractiveness that doesn’t match with this grade, but professional analysis detects slight wear or incidences. Small scratches, tiny hits or light marks can be observed. It keeps an excellent conservation of all the details and part of its original lustre.


  • XF 45. Extremely Fine

Coin with all its details. Could have 3 evident incidences of medium impact that set it on this level. It is still very showy and visually attractive. Marks, scratches and low intensity hits may be present. It may keep part of the original lustre.


  • VF 35. Very Fine
    A coin with evident circulation incidences. Clearly seen accidents/incidences that impact on its conservation, but all parts are seen and its details are clear. Its attractiveness is intact. Still good conservation and remains of its original lustre.

  • VF 30. Very Fine

Moderate but not significant incidences. All parts are visible. Clear signs of circulation and wear but showy. May have remains of its original lustre.


  • VF 25. Very Fine

  • No incidences or serious accidents. All parts of the coin are visible. Design is mostly complete. Could have scratches, hits and marks not very pronounced. Keep a bit of clarity on its details.


  • VF 20. Very Fine
    It shows multiple incidences/accidents of different consideration. The original lustre is gone and it will show clear evidence of circulation. Could have scratches, marks or hits seen by eye. Reliefs are clearly worn. 



  • F 15. Fine

Numerous incidences from medium to high intensity. Clearly wear because of circulation and incidences. Metal has lost its original lustre and heavy circulation can be clearly observed by eye showing marks, scratches and hits. Low details definition.


  • F 12. Fine/BC
    Some areas strongly worn and poorly seen or disappeared. Some details are gone. Scratches, marks and hits can be visible. No lustre.

  • VG 10. Very Good

Intense circulation clearly seen. Wear and incidences that don’t allow it to go to higher grades. Scratches and hits are quite common in this grade. With no lustre and some reliefs can be gone or not defined.


  • VG 8. Very Good
    Coin will be worn and/or numerous incidences and accidents. Areas flat and heavily worn. No lustre. 

  • G 6. Good
    Incidences and serious circulation wear. Poor visual attractiveness. Very circulated with areas completely flat and no reliefs at all. Hits and scratches may be observed. This grade is for coins that can’t reach a Very Good/BC grade because its numerous incidences and wear. No original lustre.

  • G 4. Good
    Coin with multiple incidences and/or wear. Design is visible but gone in some areas. Some others are completely flat due to wear, scratches and hits. Not very attractive visually. No lustre at all. 

Lower grades usually have no interest for the collector. NCV Grading will design under grade 4 extremely rare, valuable and/or uncommon coins.